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Experience. Precision. Excellence.

Alcon has the ability to engineer parts for engines, gearboxes, suspension systems and other components requiring outstanding quality combined with some of the shortest lead times in the business. While others might take six months to take a project from the drawing board to production, with our background in top level motorsport, Alcon has the agility, equipment, expertise and dedication to turn around projects in a fraction of time with zero compromise on quality.

We can engineer parts from original drawings, design them from scratch with nothing more than a specification from the client, or take existing components and using our Finite Element Analysis expertise, improve them so that they perform way beyond the limits of their original design. This is particularly useful in, say, the world of historic motorsport where engines and gearboxes are being asked to provide more performance than ever while remaining visually identical to the originals.



We have been working with Alcon (formerly GE Precision Ltd) for a number of years on our major powetrain projects. Alcon are a valued supplier of ours and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.
Mark Lyon, Managing Director at GTO Engineering

Our engineering ability also enables us to diagnose and suggest remedies for equipment provided by others that is not working as intended. Recent work in this area has been of invaluable service to the nuclear industry which clearly demands zero defect engineering. We can look at any component or chains of components and analyse where the problem lies, be it in its design, engineering or manufacturing, and either provide a new specification or make the new components ourselves.


  • Engine blocks and cylinder heads for Ferrari 250GTO