Alcon brings GE Precision Engineering Ltd into the Alcon Group

Mon 08th January 2018

Alcon is pleased to announce that it has completed a process that brings GE Precision Engineering Ltd into the Alcon Group.

GEP has been a valued supplier of 4 and 5-axis machining services to Alcon for a number of years, supplementing Alcon's own capabilities in this fundamental area.

The result is that Alcon substantially increases its capacity in both high-end machining for calipers and other components, and the breadth of its engineering design ability via GEP's experienced design team led by Scott.

Garry Edwards commented, "GEP have always had opportunity beyond its immediate capacity to grow, particularly within our core business of specialist engine components. With Alcon's support, we can capitalise on these opportunities and realise our full potential; combine these elements with the rapidly growing demand from Alcon, and GEP has a very exciting future".

Alcon's Chairman, Paul Jackson commented, "The GEP team have remarkable talents which we aim to nurture and build upon. Alcon has been enjoying significant strategic growth in recent years and the acceleration that this alliance represents gives real impetus to the establishment of Alcon as a leading performance engineering brand".